Ray Smith is an independent insurance broker specializing in planning for long term care since 2000. He began his insurance career in 1987, helping families and businesses with life and disability income insurance. Ray knew nothing about long term care…until his mother became ill in 1999. During her battle with lung cancer, he learned more than he ever wanted to know.

Ray is an ongoing student of long term care services, various ways of paying for care, and the planning strategies needed to pull everything together. He visits long term care service providers (home care agencies, adult day care centers, assisted living facilities & nursing homes) on a regular basis.

Ray has written an eNewsletter, “Planning for Long Term Care” almost every month (he missed two issues) beginning with July, 2010. Ray Smith has been a CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) since 1993, and a CLTC (Certified in Long Term Care) since 2002.

Specialty: Ray’s passion is helping people plan for the high cost, financial & family relationships, of needing long term care services. He advocates for his clients, not for any of the multiple insurance companies he offers.

Individuals: Protecting individuals & their families from the devastating impact of needing help in getting through the day. Discounts for couples & strong tax benefits for all. Ray Smith has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal as having said: “Almost any long term care insurance is better than no long term care insurance.”  It does not need to be expensive.

Businesses: At little or no cost to the employer, Ray can provide long term care insurance as an employee benefit. This is only applicable to those employers who want to retain good people, reduce absenteeism, and otherwise do the right thing. Business owners can be selectively covered by this benefit. Discounts & very strong tax benefits.

Planning for long term care is not a do-it-yourself project. Long term care insurance is complicated to begin with & what is available changes every week. Ray Smith, The Long Term Care Specialist, can help. Call him at 303-699-4172 or email at ray@LTCinsuranceGuy.com.


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